Greetings from the Oasis Animal Adventures! My name is Linda Goldner and it is my privilege to be caretaker of some very unique animals at the Oasis Barn. Some have been bottled raised, some rescued, and others bought but this they all have in common: they love being a part of a comical herd that brings joy and happiness to all who come visit.Come join me as I tell tales from the Oasis that will warm your heart and confirm that loving on an animal is the best therapy ever.


Then there was Omar

I first met Omar when he was 4 days old. He looked pretty rough and very little. . . 2.5 oz to be exact. It seems a bossy, dominant female lemur didn't like the way he looked so she took him down. His little ear was bitten in two and no telling what injuries were hiding under his fur coat. As I brought him close to me, I got a whiff of a funny smell. I couldn't put a finger on it but I knew something was not right. His little eyes were flat with no expression. My heart melted as I whispered, "Oh buddy, I am so sorry. It is just not right that she was so mean to you!' I had never been drawn to lemurs but in that moment, I vowed to make a difference in this little ring-tailed's life.

Omar had no trouble accepting milk from an eye dropper. He hungrily lapped it up as he fought for survival. A trip to the vet revealed abscessed bite wounds underneath his fur which also explained the horrible odor. Poor little buddy! If the breeder hadn't rescued him, and passed him on to me, Omar's future would have been pretty bleak. So began our journey together. Wrapped in a blue and white chevron baby blanket ( because he looked good in blue) , he went everywhere with me in a cute little black and white tote. Much of the time no one knew he was there. That is until he chirped for that milk filled eye dropper. Then I was busted. Are lemurs allowed in grocery stores, restaurants, doctor's offices??....probably not. But that didn't stop him from being by my side. It was not long before people looked for the bag on my shoulder. Word about Omar had spread and everyone wanted to cuddle with his cuteness.

That first month, Omar didn't grow. Every weigh-in on the local postal scale, he only registered a mere 2.5oz. ( 2 forever stamps to mail this little dude!). He truly was itty bitty physically but his spirit was of giant proportions. It was if Omar knew he was destined for greatness. So he held on to life and love.

Reflecting back on our journey together, I am reminded of how I must have appeared to the Lord when He found me....beat up, scarred, smelly and in need of plain old TLC. He drew me close and whispered in my ear, "My child come unto me, I have plans for you."



The word of God sums it up with this passage from the Psalm 103, "May I never forget the good things He does for me. He forgives all of my sins and heals all of my diseases. He redeems me from death and crowns me with love and tender mercies. He fills my life with good things."

Omar still has his split ear. It reminds me of that day when we first met. The day he was redeemed. He may just be a lemur but the Lord still had plans for him... to bring joy, laughter and love into the hearts of children and adults. I have to admit , he is excellent at his job!

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